Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Sorcerer's Four Gems, a Miscellany (Issue 6)


SPITTLEDRUM, the Four-eyed Demon, has scoured the internet for new eyes: four sword-and-sorcery gems! Illustration provided by Mustafa Bekir.

"The Familiar's Four Gems will be posted intermittently. It is a curated list of old and new digital resources for amateur sword and sorcery writers and readers; it will occasionally provide short reviews where appropriate. If you have something you would like to include, contact us. -JRC

Goodman Games, publisher of Dungeons Crawl Classics, hosted a digital convention, Bride of Cyclops Con. Part of the convention was a "Sword and Sorcery Writer's Track." Here are the videos of the panels.

Goodman Games: Digital Panel: The Best Sword and Sorcery of the 20th-Century. Six sword-and-sorcery fans and scholars compare notes about the important works in the genre, starting with foundational fiction and moving on to more recent times. This panel will talk details, not just an author’s name, but why a particular story or novel is worthy of note.

Goodman Games: Digital Panel: Finding the New Edge for Fiction Writers. Seven modern crafters of heroic fiction and sword-and-sorcery sit down to discuss how they plot stories and create characters.

Goodman Games: Digital Panel: Getting Sword-and-Sorcery into your Role-Playing Game. Four veteran game masters talk about tips and tricks for getting your game sessions to feel more like a rip-snorting sword-and-sorcery tale.

Goodman Games: Behind the Scenes w/ Publishers of Sword & Sorcery Fiction. Where can you find heroic fiction in the modern age? Well, at least five of those places are represented by the members of this panel, who’ll be talking about trends in the industry, how to get your story ready for the editors, and related topics.

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