Stories Published

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Issue #1

Géza A. G. Reilly

The Wizard’s Demise

J.B. Toner


Kieran Judge

The Temple of Vanas

Chase A. Folmar

As Repellent As I

D.M. Ritzlin

Undying Thirst for Vengeance

Patrick S. Baker

Kauahoa and the Tattooed Bandit

Pedro Iniguez

A Thousand Words for Death

Chuck E. Clark

Totem and Stone

Steve Shaw

The Price

Nidheesh Samant

The Stranger’s Payment

Issue #2

George Jacobs

The City of Tombs

D.M. Ritzlin

An Unforgiveable Interruption

Simon Ruleman

The Stain on the Skull

Rob Graham

The Augur of Khoalse

J. Thomas Howard

Dark Meditations

Ulysses Maurer

The Mortal Essence

Chuck E. Clark


Chase A. Folmar

Mother of Malevolence

S.E. Lindberg

Raising Daughters

R. Sagus

The Slain of Talhn

Zack Taylor

Under the Oak

Jace Phelps

Best Left to Professionals

Frank Coffman

Rolf's Ride

Issue #3

N.A. Chaudhry

Steel of the Timurid

Michael Burke

The Spirit of the Hill

Jace Phelps

The Rite

Chuck E. Clark

The Tower in the Earth

Scott Schmidt

Shades of Ruin

Luke E. Dodd

Griff's End

J. Thomas Howard

The Lies of Mars

Ethan Sabatella

Fort of the Ravens

T.A. Markitan

Dead Man's Curse

L.D. Whitney

Rogues in the Vale of Time

Rob Graham

The Tavern Keepers' Secret

George Jacobs

An Ancient Ritual

Richard Truong

Last Night on the Hunt

B. Harlan Crawford

The Servant of Qos

Dimitar Dakovski

The Den of the Last Dragon

Cora Buhlert

The Gate of Mist

Issue #4

Matthew John

A Chance Burden

Nathaniel Webb

Boarding Action

Ciarán Laverty

The Princes Plunge Pool

B. Harlan Crawford

Six Heads for Gullahm-Khullgosh

Chuck E. Clark


J. Thomas Howard

The Beast Mistress

Scott Oden

The Phoenician

Robert Subiaga

The Eldest Edda (Poem)

Luke E. Dodd

Cat and Mouse

Brad Ellison

Wolfskin and Pale Kings

Michael Burke

In Dust and Dead Desire

Cole Burgett

The Symbol on the Ring

Mario Caric

Terror and Talon

John H. Brown

The Assault on Mourengrad

Chase A. Folmar

Muse and the Monstrous

Issue #5

G. T. Wilcox

Lord of Slaughter

Michael Burke

More Shadow Than Substance

T. A. Markitan

Just Desserts

George Jacobs

The Godlight

Dariel R. A. Quiogue

The Dragon's Graveyard

Riobard Ó Laoghaire

Hungry Ghosts

Charles Dooley

A Song From the Sea

Jason M. Waltz

Pain brings Purity of Being

Gregory D. Mele

Salt Tears

H. R. Laurence

Grey Hunter, Golden Quarry

Anthony Perconti

Black Hearts Beneath Red Skies

Chuck E. Clark


Nathaniel Webb

The Smoke-Ship

Cora Buhlert

Village of the Unavenged Dead

Patrick Groleau

The Riddle of Spice

J. Thomas Howard

Gladiators of Ill Satal

B. Harlan Crawford

Arena of the Death-Cult

Joe Kelly

Eyes and Teeth

Rett Weissenfels

The Seven-Sealed Flask

Scott Oden

At the Gate of Bone


And even more stories to come!